The busy modern life guides people towards home appliances that simplify day-to-day domestic chores. And Candy does just that -


Candy’s purpose has always been to simplify your daily life. That’s why we’ve chosen to empower our products with Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility. With Candy, you can manage your daily household chores directly from your smartphone, making your life easier than ever! Just download the Simply-Fi App and pair your household appliances to enter the Candy connected world and get access to a complete set of additional functions and programs.


Try Candy’s Multi-control to enable a dynamic and innovative interaction that always fits your needs. Thanks to the Simply-Fi App, you will be able to operate, control and monitor your home appliances remotely using your mobile device. Stuck in the traffic and having guests for dinner? Pre-heat your oven via the app! Running out of ideas for dinner? Ask your oven! You can even talk directly to your appliances via smart speakers when you’re at home.


Imagine a world where your appliances tell you how to minimise your energy consumption. With Energy Manager, you get access to a comprehensive report on your appliances’ performance and energy usage as well as practical suggestions on how to improve the this - saving you time and money!


Periodical maintenance is so important to keep your appliances working perfectly for longer, but it is not always easy. Now you can relax! Candy appliances can do an advanced check-up of all the components to determine the working status, offering helpful tips to support you in fixing minor issues yourself. It will also help you by sending you notifications about the necessary maintenance activities for all your connected appliances. Plus, the Simply-Fi App will notify a Candy certified service provider about the status of your appliance, guaranteeing real-time support if needed.


Simplify your day with the most complete, up-to-date and connected collection! Discover more at www.candy-home.co.za/en_GB