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Delivery or Collection

IRS Online represents Independent retailers nationally, this giving you the option of collecting your order directly from store or having it delivered directly to your delivery address of choice. Should you select the “Collect” option and the selected store has stock available for your order you will be able to collect in 24-48hrs, should the store not have stock the lead time will be between 7-14 working days. We can also try and source stock from other stores in the area that carries your items ordered and it will be communicated to you. Should you select the "Delivery" option and the store has stock available for your order the delivery will take place within 5-7 working days, if the store does not have stock the lead time will be between 7-14 working days.

Delivery Costs Policy

Delivery costs are determined by the size of the product and distance of the delivery from the nominated store you chose to purchase from. This cost  is added to your order in some cases delivery will not be charged for depending on the supplier of the brand. Collection will have no cost.

Important Notice: Consumables such as filters & dustbags are not available in all stores, you will be notified once feedback is received and the option to have it shipped to your address will be at an additional cost.