* between 7-14 working days.


* On Business Days - Purchases $100 or More

30% OFF $200* Use Code: PORTOCARS

Online Purchases Only

* Minimal Purchase Price

How it works

Customers providing Mobicred with the correct documentation have their accounts processed rapidly by the Mobicred Activation Team

Why use Mobicred?

- Integrated Mobile App.
- Completely virtual process.
- Purchasing with Mobicred is quick and simple.
- Mobicred meets the payment and creditneeds of online customers.
- Alternative credit facility results in increasedspending (Higher spend & increased spendfrequency).
- Access to alternative / new customer base.
- Mobicred carries all credit and fraud risk.
- Merchant is settled weekly

  • If approved, they are granted a credit limit, much like a credit card.
  • When they want to spend, they simply select Mobicred from the payment options in the checkout of their chosen store, and type in their username and password.
  • If the purchase is approved, they are sent a One Time Pin to their mobile, which they type in to finalise the transaction.
  • When this is done, you as the merchant are guaranteed payment by Mobicred (settlement is weekly) and we take the risk of the customer paying us back over time.


  • The displayed monthly payment amount is indicative monthly pricing for 12 months at 22.25% interest per annum including a monthly fee but excludes a once-off account initiation fee. It is important to note that the pricing is indicative only and does not mean that the customer will pay this exact amount for 12 months. Mobicred’s debit order for repayment is equal to 7.5% of the customer’s outstanding balance but excludes a once-off account Initiation Fee. Please note the interest rate is subject to change. NCRCP38/FSP 44481


What is the application process?

  • - Complete the online application form.
  • - Application processed instantly.
  • - Proof of income required.
  • - Begin seamless online shopping experience

How does it work

for the customer?
  • - Apply once-off online.
  • - Accept T&C’s and access a virtual credit limit.
  • - Shop at any Mobicred merchant.
  • - Single monthly instalment, 10% of balance.

Sign up to Mobicred
Sign up to Mobicred